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Canadian, Eh!

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Canadian, Eh!

Confronted with the headlines proclaiming a declining manufacturing base in Canada, let's celebrate and support those that can still stamp 'Made in Canada' on their products.

Supporting the Canadian Economy

At Smith Industrial Supply, we strive to support vendors who are still contributing to the economic well-being of our nation by employing fellow Canadians to manufacture their products.

Be sure to stop by, and check out some of the products stamped 'Made in Canada' at Smith Industrial Supply. You and your fellow Canadians will appreciate the support!

Felton Brush 

Felton Brushes Limited has been around since 1933, and has been serving the needs of Canadian industry ever since. Felton Brush is 100% Canadian owned, and has recently invested heavily in brand new, world class brush-making machinery. This means they now run the most advanced brush-making platforms in the world, including Wohler and Borghi machines.

Felton brush knows that the best place to make quality brushes is right here in North America, and with exclusively American- and Canadian-drawn wire.

With several new patent-pending designs that have our brushes out-performing even the largest and strongest competitors in the business, Felton Brush customerscan rest assured that they will receive the best brushes in the industry, at fair prices.

Grime Eater

Grime Eater™ Products Limited was established in 1982 by the original owners of Luster Sheen™, a brand name trusted by Canadians as a quality hand cleaner.

Years of research and thousands of experiments took place prior to the launch of the new company.

They had a single vision: “Grime Eater™ was to be innovative and unique in its approach to cleaning and conditioning the hands.

They recognized that Canadians face working conditions and temperature changes that are quite different than those in other countries, and as such, it was time for a “Made in Canada” solution. Grime Eater™ is, and will always remain, dedicated to this standard of excellence.

Commonwealth Oil

Commonwealth Oil Corporation was founded in 1978 by President, Fred Herdman.

In January 2012, Commonwealth Oil was acquired by Wallover Oil, a leading manufacturer of Metalworking Fluids & Industrial Lubricants. Commonwealth Oil is headquartered in Harrow, Ontario - a small rural community, centrally located in the heartland of industrial North America, south of Detroit, Michigan.

Commonwealth Oil blends and sells high performance metalworking & specialty fluids to a broad range of industrial sectors throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, the United Kingdom, India and Taiwan. They take great pride in being registered to the ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Standard.

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